Passionate People Recordings is a deep house, vocal house label. You will find classic anthems, deep and timeless music.

Founded by Julie Monnin (aka @Ladybird) who is an artist in her own right.

Who are We?

The alchemy between two worlds, a deep, sensual, groovy and singular house sound we like to call it “the Portal feel”

“I am a passionate person, about music but also passionate about life, the humain experience, love, reciliance, success, the secrets dreams of each and one of us, seduction, positivity and enthusiasm. Passion is a love for life and living it to the fullest potential.”


She started off in acid jazz bands, forming Soldiers of the Twilight, and has also sang featurings along side Ludovic Llorca (Art of Tones) Phil Weeks, Andy Compton, Demuja, Kiko Navarro. spreading that french sound from the US to Asia. You can hear her voice, warm, alive, she has truly cemented her place as a singer in today’s Soul-Jazz-House scene.

Whether you like your music spiritual or sensual, for dancing or relaxing, Ladybird’s voice and music is sure to move you and make you move.

And what a pleasure to hear Olivier Portal – the guy behind Playin’ 4 The City – producing this LP! Straight Up Records, Comet, Slip’n’Slide, Distance… he has been releasing top grooves for over two decades now, constantly renewing himself, sounding fresh and taking you into his intimate vibe.

“To come back to the album, Olivier Portal’s music really resonated and inspired me. We had known each other for a long time but hadn’t had the opportunity to work together. We started off by just one song and then another and decided to do a whole album. It was very organic and magical. The message and words of the album are the themes I described above.
They are the themes of my life and who I am.”


One word before you give it a listen “PASSION”

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